When it comes to water, most of us will spend to buy bottled water or filtered water while our furry friend water bowl is filled from tap. Why do we give our furry friend drink tap water?

Everyone knows that our water systems are safe to drink but when it passes through pipes till it reach our homes it may not be what you think. Tap water contain chlorine and also there are certain levels of bacteria in it. That’s why we have choice to choose to drink the “safe” water by installing a water filter machine.

Drinking Water for Pets

Most pet owners fill pet bowls with tap water. Animals, like humans, need water to survive. Just like humans, animals are about 80% water. So pet should be given the same ‘quality water’ as humans. Bottled water is very expensive and to buy it for consumption it can cost a lot of money. What I am trying to say is pets can still be harmed by the contaminants in the unfiltered water. There are also things in water that can cause health risk (chlorine, for one.) Giving your pet filtered or purified water will help remove a potentially sickness-causing organism. Pets need fresh water and plenty of it to keep them healthy. Some cats are very finicky about their water as they like their drinking water to be fresh. The longer the water sits out, the more oxygen it loses.

Fishes too, who live in water, they can be greatly affected if the water has high levels of chlorine. A certain pH value is important for the fishes to have a proper living environment. Poor quality water can be bad for the fishes to grow healthily. Check with your aquarium retailer for specifics.

Drinking enough water reduce urinary tract disorders in cats and dogs. What are the signs of dehydration in cats and dogs?  You can check their gums as they are the best indicator of dehydration. So let them drink enough water. Other signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, dry mouth, poor skin elasticity, lethargy, increased heart rate, and constipation. To have a healthy pet let them enjoy drinking the water you give them. Water is a crucial part of a pet’s health; you can see water fountains, water filters, special bowls, special dispensers etc.

Many health conscious families in Singapore has filtered machine installed in their kitchen. It is expensive to install them because periodically you need to buy and change expensive filters. Not only you can benefit from a water filtration system, but so can your lovely pet!

If you are looking for an affordable water purifier for yourself or for your pets, we have the perfect solution for you!

6star water for pets

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