As a mother, I do my best to provide all of my children’s needs. It is my foremost priority to maintain a healthy and well life for my two teenagers; however, we all know that it be challenging to feed children vegetables. My children love to drink fresh fruit juice. I truly appreciate my Juicer because it enables me to create delectable juices and beverages that are full of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Because I only get the best from the Hurom Slow Juicer, I am sure my children are properly nourished from great tasting juices. I use my Hurom slow juicer to make refreshing fruit juices. I even utilize it to make vegetable soups, which my kids love. It has a state of the art slow juicing technology, which squeezes out all the possible juices from any fruit or vegetable, tough or soft, leaving only the dry pulp of the fruit or vegetable. Unlike the other juicers that I have used before, the Hurom slow juicer extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables.

hurom hu700The fast juicing appliances found in the market today leave more juice in the pulp of the fruit than what it actually produces, which is really unpractical especially for a working single mom, like me. In addition to the diminished quantity, fast juicers wear out easily. The superior quality materials used to create the slow juicer is very durable and heavy duty. It doesn’t wear out even if I use it every day for my children’s breakfast and snacks.

Like many other mothers, I don’t have enough time to do all the cleaning all day. One of the best features of the Hurom slow juicer is its self-cleaning system which makes it a lot easier for me to clean everything up. Other juicers are really tricky to clean and wash which eats up most of my time. This machine saves me enough time to even focus more on my kids rather than cleaning the device. There is no doubt that my machine is a reliable kitchen appliance for my family.


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Slow Juicer Machines: For Mothers
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