In today’s world it is hard to eat right and get all the nutrients a body needs to thrive.  People are in serious need of a healthy alternative to eating so much fast and processed foods.
However, there is a way to feel better and get all of your daily amounts of fruits and vegetables. Even some of the vegetables you don’t like, but are especially good for you.

Juicing was introduced to me a few years ago and now I would like to pay it forward and introduce it to you.  Juicing is the most powerful healing tool available to mankind.

The Art of Juicing Defined
To define juicing I would put it this way: Juicing is the art of extracting the liquid and nutrients of a herb, fruit or vegetable to use as a beverage. The essence of these nutritional power houses creates an energy and vitality like none I have ever known.

Nutrition For the Fast Lane
Do you really have the time to sit and eat all the servings of fruits and vegetables everyday just to get your body’s needs to support your nutritional requirements?  The reality is, in today’s fast paced society it can often be difficult to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs.

The Need for Nutrition People in today’s society are sick and getting sicker. Many are overweight and obese people and it is getting worse. Worldwide obesity has almost doubled in the past thirty years. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer have risen at an alarming rate. One of the first ways to help combat this epidemic is to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the diet – juicing

Reasons to Juice o Juicing is a gateway to all healthy habits
Juicing is body ready, also the body can absorb most of the nutrients from the juice’s liquid 95% of the body’s daily functions are dependent on minerals. Many people cannot tolerate the taste of vegetables, juicing gives a way to mask those tastes with stronger fruit flavors.

So Why would you Juice?
Juicing gives you the greatest benefits of mother nature’s bounty, it is not known to everyone that disease is actually a deficit of needed nutrients in the body. There are certain fruits and vegetables when consumed daily will enhance your disease fighting abilities and as well promote better health.
Beets help with brain and vascular health. Carrots with their carotenoids help to support eye health and protect against macular degeneration. There are many other compounds in fruits and vegetables that help with preventing brain aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

It’s Good for your heart
Benefits of Juicing Scientists have revealed that biochemical substances called phytochemicals, contained in fruits and vegetables are a cure for many ailments like heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and allergies as well as diseases of the digestive system. Also when these phytochemicals are if consumed regularly in the form of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits they prevent and help fight many types of cancer.

More Benefits of Juicing Chlorophyll found in green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, wheatgrass, barley grass and sprouts have similar properties to that of the hemoglobin and it is thought to increase effectiveness of oxygen transport in blood. Blueberries actually help neurons in your brain communicate with one another more effectively, slowing memory loss.

Juicing contributes to water intake the human body is around 75% water and for proper bodily functions (digestion, detoxification) the recommended daily water intake is around 2-2.5 liters of water, this is equal to drinking an 8 ounce-glass of water eight times a day. Thanks to the high water content of juices, drinking a couple of glasses of juice helps to keep.

Drinking Juice versus Eating Fruits and Vegetables

You might ask Why is consuming the juice of various produce is better than eating them? Why should someone spend time on juicing when it is simpler to just eat a few servings of fresh fruits and greens in form of salads or just on their own? You might think that much of the talk about the health benefits of juicing is nonsense, or do you? Even Kids Love Juice Have you ever seen a little child ask for more broccoli? What about Kale, has little Lilly come to you and said, she had a taste for such an astringent tasting vegetable? With juicing you can mask the strong flavors of greens that will give great nutrition to any child. For a kids juice add a few apples with oranges or other citrus fruits, add a carrot, or maybe half a celery or a small beet, it’s a simple juice to make a vitamin rich natural drink that kids will like.

The Scoop on Juicers
There are many types of juicers out there, they are classified into two main categories:
High speed juicers or centrifugal – these process fruits and vegetables at a higher speed creating more heat, that may break down nutrients.
Low speed juicers, also known as masticating, cold-press or low revolutionary juicers – These juicers process at a lower speed, creating less heat and extracting more juice.

Juicing For Health The Natural Way To Keep Disease At Bay
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