Omega BL630S Blender For Home & Commercial

The Omega BL630S Blender is dubbed as one of the most powerful and efficient blenders for commercial use and that more and more business owners rely on it for maximum profits they can get from their business. This is another innovative product from the household name in blenders and juicers—Omega, so you may be excited to know what it offers. Check out the following and learn more about it.

What Makes the Omega BL630S Blender Unique?

It is able to combine the capacity, durability and power of blenders you need in turning ordinary fruits, vegetables and food into wonderful creations your customers will surely love. It is combined with high quality parts and solid construction making it a long-lasting choice among business owners and homeowners alike.

It is designed and built using a powerful three-horsepower motor that works to outperform the competition at less the price and has a unique container with no BPA added! It offers you the convenience of blending food, soups and salsas using only a push of a button allowing you to make delicious and fast creations in a breeze.

If you don’t like babysitting a blender, then the Omega BL630S Blender is your top choice because it comes with programmable settings that let you preset a timer to shut off the machine automatically without your supervision. Choose from a timer ranging from 15 seconds to six minutes—no sweat! Additional features include an unbreakable, solid construction base and container as well as a sound-dampening pad making it the obvious choice for busy food bars and restaurants. In terms of power, you will not be disappointed as it comes with peak three horsepower to blend and create the most amazing food creations in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of a sound-dampening pad, it is made with high quality materials for providing a solid base for the container, ensuring a minimal vibration and operating with a lesser noise as compared to other models of a commercial blender.

Well you may be asking about cleaning and maintenance, too, and this is the surprising part. With this blender, you never have to spend much time in cleaning a blender anymore. It comes with a two-part lid making it very easy to clean. It also comes with a durable stainless steel blade combined with accurate angles ensuring a speed of up to 23,500 revolutions in one minute allowing an accurate and consistent blend all the time.

– 3 horsepower
– Speed settings with timer
– Comes with a touch pad
– BPA-free container
– Removable cap
– Stainless steel blade assembly
– For overload protection, it works with an automatic shut off feature
– Infinity and pulse control
– Built in circuit breaker
– 15 pounds in weight

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