Nefful Garments – Simply Wearing It Keeps You Healthy

Today, more than ever, millions of people suffer from poor health condition, no matter how high tech and with advanced medical technology, fast-paced lifestyle and conveniences (transportation, gadgets…).

Getting sick isn’t pleasurable because it ruins our daily routine and body function. It also affects our relationships and our lives.

Health is too important and we should not take it for granted when we are healthy.

Are you tired of going to doctors and taking a lot of medications and vitamins, while not seeing improvements?

Are you suffering from sleeping problems for months?

Do you experience pain during menstrual periods?

Are you tired of skin problems that persist with artificial medications?

Would you want to try an alternative which has been used by the millions for 40 years on the market?

Introducing NEFFUL’s Teviron negative ion clothing

Teviron has been around for years helping solve the root cause of health problems such as allergy, athlete’s foot, colds and cough, period pain, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases etc.

What Makes NEFFUL Clothing Special?

It offers an extensive clothing line that uses negative static electricity as well as negative ion technology in helping you:
a. Purify the blood cells
b. Regulate the body’s pH balance
c. Stimulate blood circulation
d. Rejuvenate cells and cell metabolism
e. Regulate autonomic nerves and enhance your health and mind
f. Enhance the body’s immune system by keeping your white blood cells healthy

When you started wearing negative ion clothing, you can be sure of having your body supplied with negative ions. This type of clothing has fiber your body needs for its health benefits.

What Experts Are Saying?

According to experts, people need between 100,000 and 500,000 of negative ions per cc in order to protect themselves. But while the skin is the largest body organ, people are only able to absorb 15 percent of negative ions via breathing.

The good news is that we can improve the absorption efficiency of negative ions by up to 85 percent if we are able to absorb from our skin.

According to Secretary General of Energy Medicine Association, Professor Charles C.S. Yeh, every cc of city air only has about 0-600 negative ions, but it increases from 1000-1200 cc, then people could perform at its normal condition. Then, if the negative ions increase between 5,000 and 50,000, one’s immune system could be improved. Finally, if the body could receive over 100,000 negative ions, then it could protect itself from diseases and develop natural healing power.

The problem, it could only be achieved in the forest and around waterfall areas; therefore, not many people can go to these areas because they’re in the city. It is, in fact, very difficult to achieve such healing benefits of negative ions if people would rely on city air alone.

We need a consistent source of negative ions for our skin, and for that matter, there is NEFFUL negative ion fiber proves invaluable for many. Both Neuron and Teviron lines of clothing boast their high negative ion concentration no matter what material it is in contact.

It is understood that wearing NEFFUL clothing is beneficial for your body, no matter what your age, gender and physical health condition is. Offering you multitude of benefits, freeing you from taking any antioxidant supplements, NEFFUL clothing, no doubt, is the solution you may be looking for all these years.

As a conclusion, both NEFFUL Neuron and Teviron clothing make big impact to you and your family’s health. You don’t have to wait for the time when you become sick; instead, it would be wise that you prevent any health problem before it comes.

Wearing negative ion clothing, nevertheless, is the most convenient and fastest way of supplying your body with negative ions all-day long, anywhere you are.

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