Live a fuller life and get the most out of it by getting fit and healthy though juicing that you’ll enjoy and benefit from by using Hurom Slow Juicers.

Its name is a symbol of corporate spirit that gives utmost value to the health of humanity. Hurom is a combination of words “human” and a Korean word, which means “for the benefit of the body.”

No wonder, Hurom has been leading innovation for many years, in particular to the development of advanced technology in its appliances that consistently become every household’s necessity. The company keeps growing and introducing new technology aimed at bettering the health of the people. Through the years, they never stop thinking and conceptualizing new products that can help everyone achieve optimal health and wellness.

In this light, they invest heavily on research and studies to continue being at the forefront in healthy diet culture, envisioning and aiming at keeping nutrition present in natural foods, something that they never stop doing in their decades of presence in the health and wellness products’ world.

The company has founded a new market by means of challenging conventions through innovating products, which began with their green juicer and then the slow juicer.

“The advances of Hurom are recognized in the world.”

In fact, millions of households globally are now proud owners of their products, which mission one thing “extracting the prime health that the people can get from nature.” Hurom is one company that envisions and keeps up with high standards to become the finest home and appliance maker that puts ‘people’s health” on top of their priority.


Omega BrandOmega, Oscar and Hurom are identical juicing machines, which are branded differently in different countries. Their parent company is Dong-Ah (Korea), which caters and specializes in the creation and manufacture of various extractors and juicers for over 35 years. There are many juicers categorized under the top brands made by parent company, Dong-Ah Korea.

So is your health worth every cent? If you answered, “Yes,” then there’s no thinking twice in getting Hurom or Omega juicers available here. Enjoy the following juicing benefits…
–  Reduces calories, not the nutrients
–  Boots energy
–  May help in cancer prevention
– Aids in better sleep
– Supplies the body with essential micro nutrients
– Promotes healthy eating habits
– Aids in weight loss – making your own juice allows you to control your ingredient – sugar included [Juicing improves digestion and metabolism, helping you lose weight fast]
– Improves mood – something that processed foods cannot give
– Eat more without feeling bloated or constipated – if you have difficulty digesting fibrous produce, then juicing with a slow juicer is best for you. It lets you have all those health-giving nutrients from foods without your poor digestion suffering in the end.