Health Clothing

Chemically produced clothing poses health dangers, as clothing has a direct skin contact and stays in contact with your body for longer periods of time. What’s more is that wearing them also causes health issues, including skin sensitiveness, due to your body’s chemical exposure to they’re harmful, inorganic elements.

teviron clothing

For one, easy care garments are saturated with chemicals, such as Triclosan (for anti-bacterial properties) formaldehyde and pre-fluorinated chemicals (for stain resistance).
CA42 Women UndergarmentSwitch to Health Clothing Made from Teviron
Introducing negative ion clothing—this is our finest selection of health clothing products, including apparels, scarfs, shirts, socks and undergarments. These products are proven to promote health because they generates high negative ions when in contact with skin,
which offer plenty of health benefits.
It works by safeguarding your family’s health because its negative ion contents can purify the blood, stimulate blood circulation and regulate pH balance. These negative ions also rejuvenate your cells, improving cell metabolism.
Apart from such benefits, Teviron clothing, more specifically, helps in improving your body’s overall immune system, preventing you from catching colds and getting sick easily. These particles in health clothing also regulate the function of autonomic nerves, enhancing your overall health condition and keep a healthy calcium level in your blood serum, too.
What Else to Get from Health Clothing
– Guaranteed warmth with its superior heat insulation properties, more effectively when using beddings and undergarments made with negative ions
– Excellent comfort with its great moisture resistant and water permeability properties; thus, moisture can be whisked quickly and away from your skin so it evaporates to make you feel comfortable.
– Fire retardant proven with its full safety features, which allow it not to catch fire fast.
– Healthy lifestyle within your reach with its natural health giving properties to strengthen your immune system, keeping you out of sickness.


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