Eczema is a non-contagious skin disorder of unknown cause, characterized by inflammation (of the outer layer of skin known as epidermis) itching and the formation of scales.

It comprises a range of constant skin conditions which include the following:
a. Dry, irritable skin
b. Non-fulfillment of the function of the immune system of the body
c. Some genetic inclinations may be involved

Stress and other emotional disorders can intensify eczema and it may blaze repeatedly or every so often and then calm down.

Eczema may affect any area of the skin, but conventionally it makes its appearance on:
_ The arms or in front of the bend of the elbow
_ The hands or the wrists
_ Behind the knees
_ The feet or the ankles
_ The face, neck and upper chest
_ The skin around the eyes and the eyelids

Signs and symptoms of eczema are as follows:
_ Areas, ranging in color from reddish brown to grey
– Painful prickling sensation, which may intensify at night
– Tiny, elevated lumps and bumps, which may ooze fluid and form a friable outside coating when scraped.
_ Thickened, fissured or scaly skin
_ Coarse, abraded skin
_ Areas of temporary discoloration (due to healed injuries)

Factors that intensify the eczema include:
– Dry skin
– Breakage of the skin barrier and subsequent infection by bacteria
– Hot baths for prolonged periods
– Stress
– Sweating
– Speedy and prompt variations in temperature
– Low humidity
– Soaps
– Detergents
– Wool
– Synthetic fabrics
– Dust
– Sand
– Cigarette smoke
– Highly polluted atmosphere
– Foods such as eggs, milk, fish, soy, wheat etc.


Since there is no sure-shot treatment of eczema up-till date, hence the current treatments aim to control the symptoms. Eczema should be treated only by a qualified dermatologist, who might prescribe corticosteroids or Immuno suppressant drugs or anti- itch medicines or emollients or deep penetrating Ultra Violet A, radiation treatment

Home Remedies for Eczema Scars:
– Honey, on account of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties can reduce the eczema scars to a great extent, if applied directly onto the affected skin after cleansing the area appropriately; the surplus honey should eventually be rinsed from the skin with cold water.
– Fresh lemon juice, if applied onto the affected area two times daily and left for a few minutes can work wonders due to its vitamin C content.
– Shea butter, enhanced with vitamin E, vitamin A, and keratin helps to maintain the moisture level of the skin, hence when applied on the eczema -affected skin, it renews the skin thereby causing the scars to disappear soon.
– Periodic- application of extra virgin olive oil on to the scars diminishes them over time. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can tone down the skin and decrease redness.
– Apple cider vinegar, due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties can reduce the scars caused by eczema. Two tea spoonful of apple cider vinegar in combination with two tea spoonful of honey, if drunk three times daily will improve the immune system to reduce the inflammation and disfigurements.
– Cocoa butter, baking soda, aloe vera, regular consumption of fish oil and oatmeal are yet other home remedies.


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