Water is necessary for aliveness and viability of living creatures including the flora, fauna, and is a basic necessity to continue the process of life. For the proper functioning of the human body, water intake is a requisite without which our system disintegrates and ceases.

Today our water is teeming with contaminants because the atmospheric liberation of radioactive contaminants in the air, rainfalls, smog, industrial waste in lakes, rivers, oceans and the disposal of garbage, rubbish etc by burying it under a shallow layer of ground, all combine to make our natural sources turn into a havoc and calamity.

alkaline water benefitAll the chemical components and nuclear contaminants have corrupted the environment (comprising the air, rain, land, glaciers (large masses of ice and snow that form in areas, where the rate of snowfall constantly exceeds the rate at which the snow melts) to such an extent that now the atmosphere is no longer pure, fresh and unadulterated.

Normally, the pH of water is 7 which is the neutral pH, but since alkaline water has more negative ions than positive ones, hence with an alkaline pH, a favourable channel of energy carrier is created in the arrangements of our body. Our bloodstreams as well as other components inside our body function candidly through the physiological functions that impressively manage the pH of our body.

By definition, water has a neutral pH of 7.0, which is neither acidic nor alkaline. Preparation of an alkaline solution in water is very easy. All it takes is the addition of an alkali which is also known as a base. Even a small amount will do, as any pH above 7.0 is considered alkaline.

Human body with a neutral pH is considered to have the ideal health condition. Anything below 7 is acidic and it unsteadies the body resulting in a state of disease. A pH more than 7 is alkaline and is not only rewarding but helpful due to the fact that it neutralizes not only the acidity in the body but also neutralizes the detrimental refuse inside the body, to slow or even upturn the processes of acidification and oxidation.

One of the best ways to keep the pH to a neutral and balanced level of 7.0 is to devour foods and drinks that regulate metabolic activity in the body. Altering the ionic nature of water is a trouble-free system to come up with alkaline water, which endorses better blood circulation, helps in hampering the immunity disorders and allows the nutrients to be assimilated more efficiently, and boosts metabolism of the body. Of the total average recommended water consumption, half should categorically be alkaline water. The ordinary tap water could be turned into alkaline water just by addition of lemon or sea salt or baking soda.

The intake of alkaline water can help keep the body’s pH levels at desirable levels. The pH balance should always be kept at normal levels and to do this, the body itself would normally do its thing to try to hold on to that balance.

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The Benefit of Drinking Alkaline Water