Striving to conserve clean air inside your home and office is not that difficult if you keep yourself wide awake to a few things around you for example not putting out of your mind the washing of curtains and throw dirty pillows, change regularly your air conditioner filters habitually, hand picking air filters which act as humidifiers and ionizers in coexistence, lodging exhaust fans (because they suck out dirty air inside your room), vacuum cleaning your home and office instead of dusting the objects, not allowing your pets to sleep in your bedrooms, avoiding the use of air fresheners.

On account of the invariably increasing number of ailments like allergy and asthma it is of utmost significance to keep the held air unadulterated, unspotted and free of pollutants. Plenty of dust, pollen, mold, hair, and viruses keep entering your home so much so that indoor air contamination has become a substantial environmental concern, because you spend most of your time indoors so the standard of your indoor air is very important and should not make concessions with your health.

A notable factor for achievement of clean indoor air is reduction in the humidity of air, such that it is kept under fifty percent with the use of a humidifier.

Despite practicing these tips, you may still be surrounded by pollutants and allergens which serve to create a non-refreshing state of affairs, in the indoor environments; what’s the remedy?

The one remedy of course is the usage of Air Purifier, on account of the fact that it is the only negative cluster ions generator. Well, those seem somewhat technical terms, so let’s simplify; Just visualize yourself enjoying the natural invigorating healthy air, the calming, relaxing and soothing environment around a great waterfall, relief from tension, worries, strain, allergic rhinitis as well as sinusitis, mitigation of lethargy, that is what the Reltec Air Clean is all about.

Airborne negative ions are most notable near waterfalls, in the mountains and in the rural areas. The negative ion count is usually low-ranking in urban areas where very minute particles of contaminants dangle in the air.

Low indoor negative air ionization levels are extraordinarily common because of positively ionized computer screens, television sets and other electronic gadgets. When air becomes more positively charged, short-term ill- effects on health are detectable in the form of asthma, headaches, staggering, shortness of breath, nuisance of eyes, nose and throat. Long term effects may show up in the form of respiratory and heart diseases in addition to malignancies..

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Reltec (Serumi) Air Clean Negative Ion Generator