Agonizing knee pain is not something you can just take for granted. When worse comes to worst, this pain can put a stop on your day to day activities. Good thing that there are several natural painkillers that you can use in order to get rid of this dull ache.

Many of the common ingredients that you have stacked in your kitchen cabinets actually have magical properties that can cure a lot of ailments and most of them can even drive away the chronic body aches that a large chunk of population suffer from, including pain in the knee.

Here are several of these ingredients that can help you say goodbye to your knee pain:

– Turmeric is a potent antiseptic that is also well known for its healing properties. If combined with warm milk, this can act as a good help for the treatment of joint pains and facilitate the healing process.

– Consuming seeds that have high calcium content will also be able to help. These include walnuts sesame seeds and flax seeds.

– Most people suffer from agonizing knee pain during the winter months. For them, they can soak fenugreek seeds overnight and consume them to relieve the pain.

– Ginger is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, the topical application of ginger oil combined with regularly drinking ginger tea will also be able to help. For more effective results, you can also take ginger together with milk.

– Holy basil or tulsi is also a famous antispasmodic and anti-rheumatic agent. This can also be used externally for the treatment of joint related problems. Holy basil can also work to relieve joint pain and the pain that is related with arthritis.

– A new study has established that everyday intake of grapes will also be able to help in getting relief from knee pain, particularly the ones that are caused by symptomatic osteoarthritis. The grapes are known for their high antioxidant content, the most beneficial and important of which is polyphenols that help improve the mobility and flexibility of joints.

Aside from these, there are also some other crucial points that you need to keep in mind in case you are suffering from agonizing knee pain. It is extremely essential to keep your leg elevated and give rest to your body. Activities that can result to exertion of your joint and associated muscles must also be avoided. You might also want to try professional and physiotherapy exercises which can prove to be beneficial to tackling pain in the knee. In the future, see to it that you remember the following tips to keep your muscles and bones healthy and keep the knee pain from resurfacing:

a) Wear the right shoes.
b) Avoid using heels for a long time.
c) Never indulge in intense physical activities all of a sudden.
d) Keep tabs on your weight. Obesity can put additional stress on your joints and bones.
e) Keep active and avoid having a sedentary lifestyle.
f) Always check your posture, whether you are driving, sitting or working.
g) Never sit for lengthy hours. Try to take some short breaks to walk, stretch or climb the stairs.
h) Eat foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.
i) Be watchful when lifting weights.
j) Avoid smoking and keep stresses at bay.

Quick Fixes for Your Agonizing Knee Pain