You have heard the phrase, “death by degrees”, but can you really improve your health by vitamins? The answer to this has become a huge debate.

Vitamins by definition are organic substances that are not produced by the human body so we need to have the 13 essential vitamins present in our diets in order to maintain proper health. It is these little gems of health and happiness that have sparked so much debate between pharmaceutical and homeopathic professionals.

The two sides have very different points of view that are confusing. New studies come out weekly and we continue to learn how to take better care of our bodies. Let’s explore the two sides of health by vitamins.

Pharmaceutical-based Vitamins

The idea that a vitamin can be mass produced synthetically and then put in pill form fits right in with our fast paced society. If there’s an ill, there’s a pill to cure it. Vitamins are no different.

It is cheap to synthesize vitamins and have them distributed. The process is automated and millions of vitamin pills are produced daily, but the question that is on the minds of many is how effective are these chemical vitamins?

Many studies have shown that these vitamins are not absorbed effectively. You may remember the news stories which centered around intact vitamin pills found in the city sewer pumping stations of many major cities across the nation.

Do you really want to spend your hard earned money on vitamins that show up on x-rays of your stomach?

There is a way to know that you are not flushing vitamin pills unknowingly. It’s time to explore the all natural version of vitamins.

All Natural Vitamins

While ‘chemical’ vitamins are mass produced in the factory, natural vitamins are produced by growing certain plants and then harvesting those plants in such a way as to preserve the vitamins within them.

Natural vitamin companies ensure that the plants are grown organically with the proper nutrients present in the soil. In addition, these plants are then processed to preserve the vitamin complexes.

By retaining the vitamins in their natural state, our bodies can more easily digest and absorb them. Research has confirmed that the natural forms of vitamins are more effective as a source of your daily vitamins needs.

If the natural form of vitamins are superior, then why are only about five percent of all vitamin supplements on the market derived from plants? The answer is simple. The almighty dollar.

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