Extract of testimonial from Healing “Auto-immune” Diseases, The Gerson Way, by Charlotte Gerson

L.Y. – Rheumatoid Arthritis

L.Y., a young woman of 34 years, had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years, beginning when she was 20. Since her father is a physician, a cardiologist, one would expect that she had always received the best standard medical care for her condition.

For four years, L.Y. had been treated with gold injections that had supposedly shown some promise in a few cases. She had also had several shots of chemotherapy (methatrexate). (The allopathic physicians’ reasoning behind this is that rheumatoid arthritis is an “auto-immune” disorder, of an overactive immune system that destroys the patient’s own tissues. Treatment therefore is given to “kill the immune system that is supposedly doing this damage”!).

L.Y.’s condition, however, constantly worsened. When she found out about the Gerson Therapy, she wanted to try this approach. When she arrived in Mexico at the Gerson Therapy hospital, she had painful, red, and swollen joints virtually everywhere in her body: her fingers, knuckles, wrists and elbows, shoulders and cervical spine, hips and knees, and big toes. The balls of her feet were particularly painful. She suffered from pain in spite of taking a lot of pain-relief medications. She also complained of severe stiffness in virtually all her joints upon awakening every morning.

L.Y. got extraordinarily prompt results on the Gerson Therapy in Mexico after she came in July 2000. In three weeks at the Gerson hospital, she was free of pain – and off the painkillers and any other drugs. All the redness (inflammation) and most of the swellings were gone from her joints, which were soft and pliable. The balls of her feet were still somewhat sensitive, but aside from that, she was in almost perfect condition.

However, L.Y. made a mistake. It had been stressed to her that she would have to continue the Gerson Therapy for at least a year, if not more, since she had been treated for so long with drugs, toxic gold injections, and the chemo drug methatrexate. Upon returning home, she felt so well that she wanted to do something. For some two years, she had wished to clean up her garage, but with her intense pain and stiffness she had been unable to do such work. Now, on returning home, she felt she really could! So she embarked on a two-or three-day job in her garage, and neglected to make her hourly juices and take the coffee enemas.

L.Y.’s pain and stiffness swiftly returned, since she was not cured yet; only her symptoms had been cleared with the optimal support of the Gerson Therapy. So she wisely came back to the Gerson hospital for another week and alleviated the problems again. When she left this time, she was urged to continue the treatment resolutely to fully and permanently heal her body.

Susan Adams – Rheumatoid Arthritis

In  April 1979, three weeks after Susan went through childbirth, “It hit all at once.” Her joints were swollen and stiff. When she took aspirin, she lost her hearing and her stomach was upset. Then for one year she took Motrin. Still, her hands “locked shut,” her arms became immovable, her knees swelled to three times their normal size, and her ankles were “huge”.  Unable to do anything much, she lay in bed, crying.

Then she heard of the Gerson Therapy, She started by taking coffee enemas. Because they helped by decreasing her pain and swelling, they gave her some hope of recovery. In June 1980 she then came to the Mexican Gerson hospital. Within two weeks, she was able to get up and walk after having been bedfast for many months.

Gradually, she improved. After one year she felt “really better.” And 12 years later, she reported to us that she was “normal;” she was even able to play piano duets with her son and was riding horseback – activities that would have been unthinkable after her son’s birth in 1979. Still more recently, in May 2001, we received a communication from her father, which we quote: “Almost20 years ago, the Gerson Therapy brought our daughter, Susan Adams, out of helpless bedridden (rheumatoid) arthritis back to a reasonably normal life.”

Avrill Bishop – Advanced Lupus

Avrill got married at age 20, in October 1971 in her native Australia. In early 1972, she developed symptoms involving sore and swollen joints, especially in her knees and hands. During her second pregnancy, in 1973/4, all her symptoms mysteriously disappeared. However, they returned after the baby was born.

During all this time the doctors had been unable to make a definite diagnosis. Only in late 1976 did a specialist in Melbourne diagnose systemic lupus erythematosus. The diagnosis was confirmed by tests done on specimens sent to the United States.

By 1978, Avrill had long periods during which she was completely incapacitated. In 1979, she was hospitalised for a week. That is when she started taking steroids, in the form of cortisone injections. Her husband reported that her knees would swell up like footballs; the doctors would drain fluid from them and then inject cortisone. Even though Avrill had developed a high pain tolerance, the pain was often so intense that she spent nights sobbing and hitting her arms on the side of the bed.

All through the 1980s, she continued the heavy doses of steroids and needed almost constant care for all her physical needs. In 1989, her husband retired to the country to in order to be free to take care of her. By 1992, Avrill required morphine. “There’s nothing else we can do,” the doctors told the Bishops. But that year a friend gave them A Cancer Therapy. After reading Dr. Max Gerson’s book, Avrill’s husband thought that this programme for detoxifying the body and rebuilding it might indeed help her. However, Avrill objected to the need to take coffee enemas, so they dropped the idea.

By early 1993, Avrill was so ill and in such severe pain that she received two-morphine injections daily, plus 75mg of prednisone and sleeping pills. One day near the end of March, Avrill said that she “had had enough,” and that she wanted to try the Gerson Therapy.

One thing her husband noticed during the first days on the Therapy was the “bad odour” Avrill’s body gave off – the odour of a dead animal. Within days, her husband reported, she was able to urinate properly for the first time in many months. The healing reactions were often violent, but enemas gave her considerable relief. Avrill admitted that occasionally she strayed from the diet. These errant episodes were invariably followed by a trip to the hospital for a morphine injection!

By 1994, Avrill’s health had improved dramatically. For the first time in 20 years, she had longer and longer periods without pain. By 1998, she had weaned herself off prednisone, and by early 1999 she was drug-free – and remains so. Since that time, Avrill has been able to run their country property unassisted. She has painted and repaired the inside of their house, mows seven acres of lawn, landscapes gardens, moves rocks and more. Such physical accomplishments are particularly remarkable since only a few years earlier she had been unable to lift a plate from the table, take a shower, or put on make-up.

In 1999, Avrill had two operations to straighten her fingers, which had been bending backwards. The damage apparently was done by the years of being medicated by drugs used to control pain and swelling. Her operation incisions healed quickly and without a scar or any infection. In previous years, a cut or a scratch would get infected and take weeks and even months to heal. (Please note that the medical profession generally considers lupus an “autoimmune disease,” with the immune system working overtime!)


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