How to go on diet to lose belly fat? Firstly, say no to creams, cakes and rolls, processed foods, refined sugar, margarine (a cooking fat made of vegetable oils and sometimes rendered animal fat; it is full of chemicals), alcohol, and caffeine, non organic milk (has plentiful of hormones) beer (high in sugar and calories) commercially packed yoghurt (packed with sugar)white bread, white rice milk choclates,candies,beef. These foods adulterate the body and cause fat to attach to the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly.

– The breakfast:

Always eat breakfast within one hour of getting up.
The breakfast should comprise one or more of the following items:
Three egg whites (in the form of omelet or hard boiled), a handful of nuts especially the almonds, a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables salad, whole wheat brown bread (it contains fibers which are righteous for absorption), organic milk simple/almond milk or organic yoghurt (both are free of chemicals and do not contain lactose, a kind of sugar that gives rise to a bloating sensation) Olive oil spread (full of essential fatty acids)whole grain corns, rolled oats.

– The Lunch:

Boiled /grilled chicken /turkey, salad leaves, boiled beans, fresh vegetable salad (comprising kale lightly fried in olive oil, broccoli, spinach, cucumbers,peppers) fresh seasonal fruit salad especially avocados and other fruits which are abundant in monounsaturated fats ,that keep belly fat at bay) , no cream added to either of these items, flax, soy beans and occasionally a small bar of dark chocolate (it contains cocoa)

– The Dinner:

One or two fillets of baked or grilled Salmon/tuna/haddock or grilled lamb steak, brown rice, a bowl or two full of salad made up of fresh fruits and vegetables without any seasoning, green tea with pure honey.

– The drinking water:

Keep yourself well –hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of fresh water (more in case of increased environmental temperatures) which serves life-sustaining functions in the human body.

Other useful methods to lose belly fat:

– Get adequate excellent sleep, seven to nine hours every night (this would not only decrease your stress but also assist your body deplete any added fat). During sleep, the body utilizes fat as its predominant fountainhead of ammunition.
– Giving respite to your body decreases the levels of cortisone –the stress hormone, which if elevated for a long span of time have contradictory actions on the belly fat.
– Caffeine being an energizer, stimulant heightens your cortisol production. Better replace it with green tea which contains catachins, the pure revivers which combat exhaustion

Benefits of having a flat belly

A flat belly betokens an insignificant distance around the waist, hence smaller chances of obstruction of arteries by fatty deposits, better sexual stimulation and feeling in both genders, less likelihood of enduring harms and hurts as a result of sports, cardiac diseases, and diabetes mellitus type 2, gallstones, osteoarthritis, renal malignancies plus possibility of a longer life span.

Diet to Lose Belly Fat