It is very true that our children make our lives very valuable. Even though, their volatile and erratic attitude challenges our patience, yet we cannot help loving them, because that is what every child badly needs. They not only constitute quite a great part of the population of every country and every nation, but are our future, so we ought to take best care of their health status.

As far as obesity is concerned, its increased incidence in kids indicates beforehand, what sort of lethargic and diseased population will our future generation be? However the good news is that we can readily nip the bud in time, i.e. if today we feel concerned enough about their well-being, our confidence in our future generation (who really hold the future) will not stumble.

Obesity or being very fat or stout, is actually a diseased state of mind, brought on by consuming great quantities of calories, which in a child could readily be confronted at home and at school by the extra effort on the part of the child’s parents, especially his or her mom as well his or her teachers.

In case one of your kids is obese, you as a parent need to tell your kid that you are very much concerned about his or her health and love your kid so much that you want to help him or her to shed those extra pounds and that you as a parent will fully support your child in this regard, because the happiness and health of your kid are the most important aspects of your life.

Moreover, from time to time, try to counsel your kid, regarding the numerous diseases that he or she as an obese child is liable to suffer from, such as:

o Asthma

o Diabetes Mellitus

o Hypertension

o High level of cholesterol in the blood

o Bone troubles

o Skin diseases

o Fungal infections

o Acne (a skin disease in which there is eruption of pimples on the face ,back and chest)

o Inferiority complex

o Depression

o A deficient self-esteem

o Liver and gall bladder ailments

o Cancer

The causes of child obesity are many, such as:

– Genetics: Weight troubles usually ride in families

– Abundance of fast food restaurant chains, here there and everywhere and easy entry of kids to these.

– Insufficient physical activity: Unlike the good old days, when children used to play outdoor games, now a days, children spend more time watching TV, playing video games as well as busy with their personal computers.

– Abnormal and non-healthy eating habits

– Beverages, juices, sports drinks & soft drinks

– Uncommonly, due to some medical reason such as a hormonal trouble

It is a bit difficult to tell whether a kid is overweight or not, because he or she is still in the phase of growing and needs to attain weight. So currently a kid’s BMI is calculated to evaluate whether he or she is obese or overweight or not.

Basal Metabolic Index is what BMI stands for. The height and weight of the kid are used to calculate the BMI

BMI=Weight in kilograms/Height in centimeters/Height in centimeters x 10,000

Childhood Obesity Facts, Causes and Prevention