Asthma is a generally chronic disorder characterized by
– Wheezing (a whistling sound produced during breathing)
– coughing (which usually occurs at night or early in the morning)
– shortness of breath
– a feeling of chest tightness and suffocation, caused by an allergy to inhaled substances, stress etc

Asthma is a disease of the airways i.e. individuals with asthma have fragile airways in their lungs, which are not only easily affected by the provoking agents but also get inflamed and constricted.

No age group is immune to asthma, since it may affect individuals of all ages. In case, asthma is not taken care of, there occurs an unchangeable damage to the airways, leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Asthma could be:
– Intermittent
– Persistent

Intermittent or on and off asthma:
In this type of asthma, an individual does not experience the asthmatic symptoms all the time; this type is the most common one amongst the kids.

Persistent asthma:
In this kind of asthma, an individual has repeated asthmatic attacks, which could be
a) Mild
b) Moderate
c) Severe

Asthma has no cure and could burst out any time; however once the asthmatic gets well-versed with the know-how to manage it, living a good quality life is not impossible for any asthmatic individual.

Home Remedies for Asthma:
– Take twelve to fifteen cloves of garlic, boil them in half a cup of milk and drink this solution daily for a few days. This remedy clears off the lung congestion.
– Cut one inch of ginger into small pieces and add them to a pot of boiling water; allow it to marinate for five minutes; drink it when it cools down. This practice removes toxins from the lungs.
– A regular cup of hot coffee without milk can prevent and control asthmatic attacks, due to the presence of caffeine. Hot coffee also relaxes and clears the airways thus facilitating easy breathing.
– Place a few drops of Eucalyptus oil on a paper towel and keep it besides your head when sleeping; eucalyptus oil gives relief from asthma as well as cold symptoms.
– Honey is one of the oldest natural cures for asthma. In a glass of hot water, mix one teaspoon of honey and drink slowly, three times a day.. This helps removing phlegm from the throat.
– Mix some mustard oil with a little camphor; use this solution to massage the back of the chest gently. Massaging with mustard oil will clear up the respiratory passage and help the patient breathe normally.
– Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water and add some honey. Drink this solution whenever you anticipate an attack of asthma. The vitamin C content as well as the antioxidant properties of lemon juice helps in decreasing asthmatic symptoms.
– Onions have anti-inflammatory properties on account of their sulfur content, that assists in reducing the constriction of airways of asthmatics.
– Salmon, cod, sardines, mackerel and tuna fish are dense in omega-3 fatty acids and thus help the lungs to cope with the irritants and also reduce the airway narrowing and inflammation of asthmatics.
– Figs, due to their nutritional properties, help the drainage of thick mucus, promote respiratory health and help to mitigate breathing difficulties. Wash three dried figs and immerse them overnight in a cup of warm water, eat them and drink their water in the morning.

The home remedies are more of a source of prevention of asthma, than its treatment, so does not forget to see your Doctor to get it treated.


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Can Asthma Be Cured?