The types of food we eat play a big part in our lives and for our children. That’s why we thank Blendtec for its innovative smart blender.

Why Blend?
High speed blending releases important phyto-chemicals in a similar way prolonged chewing does. According to recent research, phyto-chemicals found in plants (seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc) have profound effects on health and help to fight many diseases. However, these super nutrients with live enzymes are commonly trapped in the plant fibres and can only be released by long periods of chewing.

People who live above 100 years or more have one common habit – they take a long time to chew their foods to finish a meal! In today’s fast pace society, this luxury is hard to come by and high speed blending does this in a minute to create a super healthy phytochemical rich food and drink.

Many commercially available drinks are devoid of such fibres and highly processed, removing the skin which holds the highest concentration of these important nutrients.

blendtec-3-colorsWhat does Blendtec do?
It prepares fresh, quick, healthy, nutritious wholesome foods including fibres in 90 seconds or less: smoothies, fruit drinks, nut butters and jams freshly made, muffins, bread and batters, flours, food processing, hot soup, cappuccino and hot chocolate, ice cream, desserts, porridge, “milk” like oats, almond, rice, etc.

Its powerful 3 peak horsepower motor minces food very fine to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption especially when many do not chew food well, leading to potential indigestion and constipation.

Compared to canned or bottled food or drinks which could be many months old, you know what healthy ingredients you put in. This could boost your kid’s brain, eyes, colon, digestive, skin and overall well being with foods freshly and lovingly made by you.

Blendtec Blender – Excellent features

Our home model is called HP-3A based on 220/240v power with following great features: heavy duty 6.5 AMP motor with 1560 watts or 25% more power than most.
– 25 preset blend cycles at the touch of a button.
– 4 memory buttons to store your most frequent used cycles.

Blend anything from smoothies to soup. Rectangular jar design provides faster blend. Ingredients are pulled into the blade – no need for hand tools to stir. Smoother finish and textures! Auto stops without personal attention, a unique safety feature not found in most blenders to prevent overheat and melt. Very compact. Fits under most cabinets. Easy to remove lid. Clean up fast and easy in less than one minute. Comes with standard BPA-Free, 2 quart jar, upgraded 3 quart jar which blends half the time! New Twister jar makes nut butters, ice cream, and porridge with simple twisting. Conform to local safety standards.

One-Up in performance
It is more powerful, more user friendly, more compact, more safety features, smoother finish, easier to clean, reasonably priced, with warranty of motor, jar and defective parts for up to 7 years. Lifetime warranty for stainless steel coupling!

Don’t hesitate. Get one now for you and your family for it will make a difference to your health from today.

– by Peter Lim


To order or get more information, please visit or contact Ms Jenny Lim at h/p: 81823325


Blendtec HP-3A Smart Blender For Healthy Lifestyle