Before we discussed about the benefit of alkaline water, let us discuss why water is important and why we should drink enough water to stay healthy. As all of us realize, more than seventy percent of our body comprises water, which is fundamental for our survival. In fact our body has been fashioned in such a manner that without water and essential minerals, it cannot outlast. Each and every living process that presents itself in our body comes about because of water so we need plenty of fresh and healthy water to stay healthy.

Our energy level is greatly affected by the amount of water we drink so much so that a fifteen percent drop in body fluids causes’ death.

– Our blood is more than eighty percent water

– Our brain is more than seventy-five percent water

– Our liver is around ninety-six percent water

– A human embryo is more than eighty percent water

– A newborn is seventy-four percent water

Water is the vehicle for numerous enzymatic and chemical reactions happening in our body all the time. It moves nutrients, hormones, antibodies and oxygen through the blood stream and lymphatic system.

Water is the liquid that dissolves or can dissolve other substances of the body, in addition to organizing all functions of the body. It also helps to maintain our body temperature through sweating, which dispels superabundant heat from the body, as a result of which the body chills and has a soothing effect. Even for the purpose of breathing, water is needed; water furnishes slippery to our joints and also moisturizes them. The cartilage tissue present at the ends of long bones and between the vertebrae of the spine holds considerable amount of water, which serves to grease the joints during their movements. So far so good as far as regular water is concerned but what’s the big deal about alkaline water?

To simplify everything, just understand that one needs to have the appropriate acid to alkaline balance in the body and the pH of the fluids in our body, has an impact on the manner of working of our body. If this balance is disturbed and continues as such for prolonged periods, then we suffer many ailments like loss of energy, gain in weight, digestive troubles, tiredness, generalized aches and pains in the body, heart problems, malignancies etc.

So what is the remedy?

The answer is very simple and straightforward! Revitalize and revive the body, not by using ordinary tap water but by using the alkaline water which will serve to correct the pH balance in the body; as a result, the cells of the body will commence functioning in the proper way; unlike normal water, the alkaline water unburdens the body of the inorganic nutrients.

The routine food and beverages consumed by us tends to furnish our body with an acidic pH, so the intake of alkaline water (also referred to as ionized water) rectifies the problems that our body faces on account of the acidic pH. Alkaline water takes in, the free radical elements that have anti-oxidant and anti-aging qualifications; these free radicals not only slow down the degenerative processes of the body but also erase the organic noxious contents; on the contrary, the acidic radicals expedite the degenerative processes in the body. Alkaline water consumption, eliminates the possibilities of headaches, migraines, kidney diseases, osteoporosis, carcinomas etc.

Alkaline Water Health Benefits