Diabetes mellitus is a common ailment that distresses lots of people across the globe. This is a common condition that afflicted early 9% of the people in Singapore. Any person plagued with diabetes has unusually elevated levels of blood sugar, on account of the fact that insulin(a hormone associated with regulation of blood sugar) produced by the pancreas is not sufficient to change the glucose (which goes into the flow of blood circulating through the blood vessels) into energy. When the delivery of glucose to the cells of the body is not enough, the former starts to accumulate in the blood and could bring about technical difficulties in health that could be serious if not taken care of.

Diabetes Mellitus is essentially categorized into the following three kinds:

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus:

This type is also known as IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Those afflicted with this type of Diabetes require insulin shots or an insulin pump.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus:

This type is also known as NIDDM (non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus).This type happens when the cells of the body are unable to make use of the existing insulin appropriately (opposition to insulin)

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus:

This type, also known as type 3 diabetes typically occurs in pregnant females in whom an elevated level of glucose in the blood is noted without any earlier identification of diabetes.

The comprehensive symptoms of diabetes mellitus are faint and understated. However usually the following symptoms are frequently experienced:

– Excessive thirst

– Frequent desire to pass urine

– Feeling of hunger all the time (Since glucose is present in the blood stream all the time and is unable to enter the cells on account of deficiency or non-existence of insulin, hence the cells are unable to get the fuel required for energy; detecting this deficiency, the body judges as if it needs more and more units of food energy to serve as a source of vigor for the various chemical processes which happen within it.

– Unvarying feelings of physical exhaustion (on account of the reduced levels of energy)

– Loss of weight: (Although the diabetic consumes much food yet the body of a diabetic keeps on disintegrating its own depository of protein and fats to feed the supposed deficiency of energy for the cells.)

– Blood loss from the gums

– Trouble in driving away various infections of the body

– Delayed healing of wounds

Living with Diabetes Mellitus:

Living with diabetes mellitus or living with a near and dear one afflicted with this ailment is not a simple task; it is not only a disheartening but also a demanding and tough job. The mere idea of existing with a life-long ailment is itself quite scary. However there is good news for the diabetics that not only can they handle their disease correctly but also try to live a healthy routine life. All they need is some discipline in their lives and the adoption of the following measures to help them lead a normal and healthy life:

– Follow a good diet plan and eat appropriately (diabetics are supposed to eat distinct and out of the ordinary diets and are required to keep away from some foods)

– Daily walks

– Put on loose shoes preferably made of pure cotton and dry comfy socks of pure cotton.

– Never pare your nails at a low level

– Take the anti-diabetic drugs regularly in accordance with the advice of your doctor.


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