Lately ladies are beginning to get attention on benefits of wearing a Belly Wrap. Online, you’ll find numerous reviews, social media postings and forum discussions about it. If you are looking for a solution against menstrual cramps and pain, you may want to keep on reading, as this issue is one of those that a body warmer can address.

What is Haramaki?

It refers to a body wrap in Japan (hara for belly, maki for wrap). The clothing has been worn by Japanese women since the 12th century. This tummy wrap is not a typical type of clothing, to be honest. There is something into it that makes it a great women pain remedy.body wrap

In Singapore, a go to brand for a haramaki is Teviron that manufactures the top-rated body warmer, NEORON. Women wear it for health and fashion, but as said, it is not an average body warmer. It is made with negative ions.

Through the years, this naturally occurring substance has been catching the attention of the majority for its health benefits, such as help for digestion, blood circulation and so on. Teviron was successful in infusing negative ion clothing into their products and today it launches its new line of negative ion clothing is its version of the famous Haramaki and Teviron panties. Both products have been sought after by a majority of women in Singapore, Asia and the rest of the world for
their numerous health benefits.

What You Will Get

Both Teviron panties and abdomen wraps are essential for well-being. In fact, they can keep your body warm, especially the core area. With that said, you do not have to wear several layers of clothing during a cold weather. You can just add in a layer of clothing on top of these undergarments before going out for work, school or play.

Based on reviews, women also appreciate that the products help them get rid of menstrual cramps that they experience every month. And since they can wear these undergarments at any given day, they have been giving positive remarks on how negative ion clothing has improved their blood circulation that they can feel from the inside and out! Now, they feel more energized, without interruptions from menstrual pain and cramps.teviron body wrap

To back their claims up, studies have revealed how negative ion clothing (TEVIRON) can improve overall health and wellness. For example, Teviron panties can help in distributing heat and energy around the body. Additionally, it boosts the wearer a sense of well-being, meaning one can feel more energized and healthy, aside from not experiencing period pain anymore.

TEVIRON panties and body wraps have been making a name in the health and wellness industry. Women, no matter their age, profession and health condition, can depend on these panties and abdomen wraps to stay at the peak of their health and get the most out of their lives without the nagging menstrual pain.

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