Vitamix remains a top blender choice for most homemakers and chefs and for reasons. There are so many great things that this pro blender can do for anyone who loves a nut butter, smoothie, ice cream, sauces and so on.  But what really are the excellent features that you can get from this blender?  Here’s where to start.

vitamix 5200

It blends anything
Vitamix blender is the toughest and most reliable blenders of all, as it can blend virtually all types of foods.  Its horsepower (HP) is just remarkable! It is tough to blend all types of foods for you, and some of them include sticky dough, creamy soups, cake batter, blended drinks and fruit smoothies. You can also make nut flours, nut butters and raw juices. There is nothing that it cannot blend for you! So if you’re a busy cook who wants a reliable kitchen ally when it comes to blending, there is no doubt it might be time to consider getting a Vitamix 5200 now.

It’s powerful
As said, Vitamix can blend anything. In fact, it can even heat your sauces and soups, if you’d blend them for two minutes. They won’t only turn into that great-looking, smooth puree but also hot.  So you might not even have to transfer your soup or puree to a pot and bring it to a boil, but just add some seasonings and coconut oil to taste, and then serve!

It gives ultimate control
While there are preset speeds to find in most blenders, even the cheapest ones, you will not have much control on them.  Vitamix gives you total control over its speed. In fact, you can manually control the speed of its blades. So there will always be a perfect speed that you need to come up with your desired blending results.

It can last a lifetime
Inferior blenders are less powerful – not mentioning they are flimsy, too. In fact, just a couple of minutes of continued use can put their motors heating up and melting. You’re not going to experience that with a Vitamix blender. Each unit is made to last a lifetime – because it is almost indestructible and intentionally heavy.

But of course, Vitamix include a Warranty on their products, so you can rest assured that there would be help if anything bad happened to your unit.  So if you were looking for a durable investment, then perhaps, you’d settle for a one-time investment on a tough blender brand.

There’s no doubt that Vitamix outruns the competition. It gives the best value for money of those looking for a real pro in blending. It can blend almost all types of foods without any hassles and in seconds, not mentioning of its durable motor, solid design and built and intelligent features that make blending easier. Do you think it’s time to change your old blender and buy a Vitamix 5200 home blender now?


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What Makes Vitamix the Blender for the Wise?
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