[Google Translate to English] In the last three years, Japan has played a wave of , guarding which, for its own health, has gradually accepted and put on this high-Tech fibre product, in addition to promoting health and reducing illness. This product was also awarded to the Japanese people by the Japanese Emperor.

The “fibre” is extracted from oil and is produced through acetone, benzene as a solvent and fibre. These fibres, which are produced by clothing, are in the form of a protective film on the surface of the human surface, and are protected by negative electrostatic protection, at any time.

In particular, the recent outbreak of Sars has led to a shortage of masks. Those who have introduced this product have found that many of them have specifically purchased these fibres, cut their own masks, and have the negative static of the, fibre and strengthen their immune system. , has a key role to play in producing negative static electricity. In the chemical periodic table, the atomic order of ” Chlorine ” is 17, which means that it has 17 “Negative-negative” Electronics, which is the same as in the nucleus of the nucleus, so that “Chlorine” is “electricity”.

However, according to the chemical experimental nature of chlorine, it is the easiest way to get the chlorine element to a stable state, which is the easiest way to extract an electronic one from the air, so that the electronic number is more than the number of proton, and the negative charge more than This of chlorine has led to a negative negative in, and has produced many beneficial effects on human health.

Based on the experiments conducted by the Japanese fibre industrial experiment, it was used to rub each other with nylon, wool, cotton, silk,pressure, artificial fibres, and to observe the individual live conditions after friction. It turns out that all kinds of fibers change their own charged because they are different from the material of friction, sometimes in charge of charge, sometimes for a negative charge, but the, fibers, regardless of any material friction, will produce negative static electricity, which can be brought to human health. Many benefits, including helping jing blood, promoting cell activity, strengthening resistance, adjusting self-discipline nerves, and so on, are loved by the Japanese wellness community.

However, according to the experience of Japan, during the use some people will appear to have symptoms like skin redness, fever, itch, and so on, especially those who have symptoms of disease, and even if they have a disease. This is a symptom of a fear of, even more severe than before. At this time, special attention should be given to the fact that there is no need to panic when there is a similar situation, because it is a normal “improvement reaction”.

A simple explanation is that the “improved reaction” means that when the human body is in the process of taking drugs or using health supplies, it will be able to adapt to some abnormal symptoms in a pathological and unusual place in order to adapt to these external changes. For example, skin redness, fever, itching, even rash, etc. These symptoms are called “improved reaction” after the use.

This is because cells in human cells are required to operate in their own position to maintain normal operations, and even if they are suffering from illness, the abnormal cells of the disease are still operating in the form of drugs or physical therapy. In the case of illness, the cells of the abnormal part are to continue to work on the one hand, on the one hand, on the other, on the other, on the other, and on the other hand, on the other.

When the body is able to adapt to these changes, symptoms such as redness will disappear. This is because of the negative static electricity generated by the friction of the dragon, helping the body cells to return to normal status.

Here again, it is necessary to explain the current “improved reaction”. for example, when children are traumatized after falling, their skin is traumatized and the wounds are susceptible to bacteria, and the body is in an anomalous situation. At this point in time, when the wounds are put on the wound, together with the body itself, the wounds will be healed and the wounds will gradually heal, and when the body recovers, there will still be a symptom of the itch after a period of time in use, there will be varying degrees of “improved reaction” for each person’s physical condition, depending on the physique and living environment of the people.

Media: Economic Journal
Published Date: 2003/05/12


[特美龍護體纖維」協助人體活化細胞 增强免疫力

媒體:經濟日報 (Original Article in Chinese)



尤其,最近 SARS 肺炎流行,導致口罩大缺貨。引進這項產品的業者發現,許多人特别購買這些特美龍纖維,自行剪裁制作口罩,讓特美龍纖維的負靜電,强化自己的免疫系统。特美龍之所以能够產生負靜電,「氯」扮演著舉足輕重角色。在化學的周期表中,「氯」的原子序為17,也就是說它有 17 個「帶負電」的電子,與原子核中的在正電的質子數量相同,所以「氯」呈現「電中性」。








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