Name: Gao Ming Hong
Symptoms: Autonomous Nervous System Disorder, Insomnia Headaches, Diabetes, Atrophy of the Kidneys, Weak Heart

negative ion clothingMy mom used to work very hard when she was younger, and she would keep working even though her blood sugar level is more than 400. Because she neglected the severe harm that diabetes inflicts on her body, she got all sorts of illnesses as she got older.

She started using insulin since 1986. Ever since then, she had to be hospitalized three or four
times a year to adjust the amount of insulin shots. What is more serious is that all sorts of
complications have emerged. They include eye surgeries, weak heart and even the doctor wasn’t able to operate on (low success rate), kidney atrophy that required dialysis, numb hands and feet, weakening knees, and the need for at least two and half pills of sleeping pills in the night.
However, my mother is a great, conservative woman, and she still manages to take care of my father everyday.

However, my father suddenly passed away two years ago. My mom suddenly lost her emotional support, and her condition became worse. Being her child, I didn’t know how I should take care of her. At that time, the benefactor in my life, Ling Li, the area general manager, came to me and introduced me the products. But my mom didn’t like network marketing, and she told me not to buy any of the products.
So I did everything I could and got my mom a little scarf (Item No. 2440) that made her neck felt better. Since then, we started to use a lot of the products.

Now, under the complete protection of Teviron products, my mom is gradually getting better. First of all, her blood sugar level is stable (450~500 reduced to 120~180). The insulin injections have also been reduced by 4~8 units. She also doesn’t need to take “heart medication” for her heart condition. Her kidneys are also improving, and dialysis isn’t need anymore. The even greater news is that she doesn’t need sleeping aids any more. When an elderly is able to eat and sleep regularly, he or she would have the immunity to ward diseases.

I truly thank the company for making such wonderful products. I thank Yu Chen and Ling Li, the area general managers for their guidance and encouragement that allowed me this chance to get into this meaningful business.

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Teviron Clothing Helped My Mom Tide Over Her Most Difficult Phase
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