Today, most people are wondering how the Alpha DA-900 juicer differs from the rest. Well, the answer is simple. Its extracting juice extracts from your most favorite fruits and vegetables in the healthiest way.

Not only that it does juice extraction the healthy way, it also offers you what other juicers cannot. This type of machine does many things for you. Whether you’re into losing weight or staying healthy, this juicer would certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

Alpha DA-900: The Structure

With all the juicers out in the market today, the Alpha DA-900 juicer is one of the best product innovations that juicer lovers have seen in a while. This type shows off a stone-mill process as well as a single gear juicer, which allows you to crush and grind what you feed into the machine. Through great engineering, it effectively squeezes out juice or extracts as it separates the pulp from due to a wormlike screw called the auger.

This process of extracting juice extraction tears the cell membrane of the produce’s cell membrane allowing it to release vital enzymes and nutrients. In the end, what you’ll get is a rich colored juice extract that contain all the natural extracts of fruits, vegetables or nuts. The motor also plays a vital role in this.

With a motor operating on a low speed of 80RPM, the nutrients from fruits & vegetables aren’t altered or disrupt. Which means that oxidation is eliminated from the process that allows nutrients and enzymes to be preserved. This allows you to have fresh, natural juice each day.

The Alpha DA-900 truly gives you a cool and compact design as well as the ease of operation, hygiene and the production of healthy natural extracts. Now, let’s talk about what the product actually features.

What The Alpha DA-900 Brings To The Table

The Alpha DA-900 gives you many things when it comes to the cool, new features that it does posses. As most people do already know, it offers great product innovations that can’t be found with all the other juicers out there. Aside from the fact that it’s a 9-in-one machine, you’d surely love many features from it.

  • A built-in safety mechanism that prevents the machine from overheating allowing the machine for two hours of non-stop without anything in it as well as a thirty-minute non-action with continues loading of your favorite nuts, fruits and vegetables.
  • The machine automatically shuts down once over-heated. Then, it will initiate the process on its own again once it has cooled.
  • Another great thing it is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy to assemble and dismantle the machine. You can easily accomplish that through a 4-step process that anyone, even your kids, can take care of it.
  • One more thing that you’d surely about the product is that it cleans easily. Though some people prefer to clean their juicers through dishwashers, it also gives you the capability to get it cleaned it just under a couple of minutes. Just run it through the faucet, you’re done with it.
  • What’s also good about it is that it gives you stability when juicing. It weighs approximately around 7 kilos, which keeps it a steady and stable whenever the motor is in action.
  • Durability is another key factor that makes it different from the rest. Its body is built from tough quality, solid polycarbonate substance that makes it easy to clean and non-toxic.

What’s also best about it is that, it’s a smooth operator. No matter what time you prefer to juice, you won’t be disturbing anybody in your house.

Alpha Juicer DA-900 – New Way of Extracting Juices